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Thanks to its geographical situation,the bay of Collioure, Cotllioure in Catalan, is a port since Antiquity, meeting spot for the Celtic, the phoenician, the Roman, the wisigoths, Arabic, the Catalans, the Spanish and the French. Today, the city still trades with North Africa. Named the ” City of the painters ” since the presence at the beginning of the XXth century of Henri Matisse and André Derain who created there the movement of the fauvism (numerous renowned painters, among whom Picasso and Dufy, followed), the royal city of former kings of Majorca also prospers by its fishing, its salting of Anchovy and its vineyards cultivated in wall bars on the last foothills of Pyrenees, falling down there towards the sea. Collioure makes only one with the sea: the church Notre-Dame-des-Anges, inked in the Mediterranean Sea bathes there at full length !